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Tote, sandals, mask, real bikini, shower cap, loofah or  exfoliation dry body brush or facial brush spa items with your full Spa Facial or Body Treatment!




Things to know about our spa:

PRIOR to arrival
Please do not shave or wax any areas to be treated within 24 hours of your scheduled treatment.  For the maximum benefit from your treatment, please hydrate your body by drinking at least four (4) TALL glasses of water during the 24 hours prior to your treatment.

Spa Arrival & Etiquette
Arrival 10-minutes prior to your first scheduled appointment will allow you time to acquaint yourself with the surroundings and sign in, ensuring that you will arrive for your appointments on time.  All treatments conclude on time, regardless of start time.

What to Wear
You will shower at our spa before your treatment.  We provide a plush robe or wrap, sandals, towels, amenities such as shower gels, shampoos, and conditioner, and a hair dryer for all guests.  Please leave valuables at home.  We maintain a strict draping policy for your complete privacy.  If you are uncomfortable with total nudity under the sheets for any massage, and for all facials, wraps, and scrubs, women are provided a bikini swimsuit, and men are provided disposable underwear.  You may also wear your own bikini or speedo-type bathing suit during any treatment, however if you do, we are not responsible for fabric damage by treatment products.

Health Concerns 
When booking your appointment, please alert us if you have high blood pressure, a heart condition, diabetes, suffer from allergies, especially to shellfish or iodine, are pregnant, or are taking any medications such as Acutane(R) that might possibly be a contraindication to certain treatments.  The consumption of alcohol before, during or directly after Spa treatments is not recommended.  For your health, we reserve the right to cease treatment if alcohol is suspected.  We recommend that pregnant women enjoy the Spa and avoid choosing treatments that use deep pressure, aromatic oils and minerals, as well as heat related treatments.

Your Spa Treatment - What to expect
Your Resort Quality Spa Treatment Experience begins when you receive your FREE TOTE BAG containing items to be used during your time with us, and to take home, such as your own personal SANDALS, sleep MASK, treatment BIKINI, SHOWER CAP, a LOOFAH MITT or exfoliation dry BODY BRUSH or spa FACIAL BRUSH, and other spa items to remember your special visit with us until next time.

In addition to hygienic reasons and to remove makeup and lotions, body treatments immediately after a warm to hot shower are by far the best way to start any muscle/facial work.  Athletes always 'warm up' before exercise, and massage oils/lotions are always warmed by friction as a therapist's hands are rubbed together before applying product to the skin in warm flowing movements.  This is very important because muscle warmth is vital to the goal of helping, not hurting muscles.  Showers are not offered at many facilities.  At the Seidlitz Family WALMAH Day Spa this service is one of the many standards of excellence our clients have come to expect.  For all spa and massage treatments, when you arrive you will be able to:

-Enjoy as your feet are bathed and massaged in a warm aromatherapy tub with your own new recyclable liner.
-Put on your own new flip-flop sandals and you will be escorted to the shower area.

-Use our special natural shower products in our steamy multi-head shower.
-Slip into a soft robe/wrap to await your treatment.
-Enjoy a large cup of water to re-hydrate.
-Recline and rest until your treatment begins.

AFTER your visit:
Return to your home or lodging and relax. To further the benefit of your treatment, and to avoid dehydration, please DRINK TWO TO FOUR TALL GLASSES OF WATER within the first four hours after your treatment.  Please avoid smoking or stimulants/depressants such as caffeine/alcohol for the first two hours after your treatment.  You should avoid the heat from hot tubs, saunas, steam baths, whirl pool tubs, tanning beds or sun bathing for 48 hours after spa treatments.


(For your good health and ours, at the Seidlitz Family WALMAH Day Spa, we carefully select the most pure and natural ingredient products available, striving always to be Paraben, Polysorbate, Disodium EDTA, and Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate FREE.)


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